Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spoilt Green!

I received a package today! It completely surprised me as I am waiting for the men to deliver the new beds. I thought they were early, but it was our parcel man! (I extra love Australia Post today as it's raining and getting kids to the Post Office is nothing short of torture for me and everyone in there.)

I extra love that I get to open it while DD is at school and DS is asleep.. it's all mine!

It's from the lovely and talented Susie.

A box full of yummy greenness just calling my name.

For someone who sneaks a peak at every present she can, putting these out to photograph with out looking, was sheer torture.
Yummy yummy green goodies.
The green spiral bag is crocheted and beautiful. It's dark with light spirals on that side and light with dark spirals on the other side. Susie is a very talented lady. I love this bag.
And the long 'thing' is a circular needle holder and I love the fabric. In fact I love the fact I have a circular needle holder as just last night I was looking at my zip lock bag of circular needles wondering what I could do to keep them contained.
Ask and ye shall receive! Love it.
There is a gorgeous row counting bracelet, which could be knitted and crocheted, I'm not sure. I'm sure it's her own design and it's very clever.
The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply.
I like Cleckheaton yarn and I want to hunt down a pattern that will show off the silk in this yarn. (I'm doing a lovely little lace pattern in a scarf that is suitable for 8ply, it might look good in this.)
Love the coffee cup with the green yarn on it (it has a hot drink in it as we speak).
And there are some lovely little stitch markers on an impressive safety pin at the front there. All created by Susie as well.
Close up of the bag.
I love spirals. We saw lots of them in Ireland and Scotland, there's something quite soothing about them.
Bracelet and yarn.
Stitch markers + safety pin. (sorry it's raining here so getting the best light has been hard)
The circular needle holder + a gauge (and I was looking for one of those last night too!). Love it.
Rolled up.
So my colours.
I am a very happy swapper.
I hope my partner likes hers too.
Susie, I'd just like to say I think you've done a fantastic job. I love that you've thought about me so much and everything is just perfect. Thank you so much.


Susie said...

My pleasure........I loved making it all......in fact I'm glad I'm part of Australian Swappers and think it's one of the loveliest group of ladies (men?) on Ravelry. Amazing about the circular holder with you wanting something for them the night before........ask and ye shall receive indeed! Musta been on your wave length.

Yarnandkisses said...

Awww that's lovely!