Monday, March 3, 2014

It has been a while...

....sorry if you have been waiting for new photos and some more creative stuff.  It's not that I have stopped being creative, I am frequently creative, just not always in ways that can be photographed and posted here.

A couple of years ago (some days it seems like years and years and some days like only yesterday) I started a Masters Degree in Primary School teaching, by distance education.  I have only 2 more trimesters to go.  It has sapped a lot of that excess creativity I had running around, and anything that was left over was poured into being a creative teacher, or at least creatively fulfilling my assignments.

My white blanket sits in a large bag taunting me daily as I have only about 4 squares to go before I join it together.

I have made lots of pjs for the kids.  My daughter is not quite so keen on homemade stuff now but she still likes the pjs if I make them.  My son is quite happy to head to the shops and pick his own material!

I have a thermomix now and cook a lot.  My kids love home cooked anything.  Currently I have been making home made vegemite and cheese scrolls.  They get eaten as quickly as I can churn them out.

I have a couple of photos of a scarf I managed to get made last winter...... he is.

Cute hey?  He's a bit scratchy but I actually like wearing him.

I have lots of white squares finished so I'll try and get them photographed (while I am procrastinating for uni).  Fingers crossed I can get the rest finished soon, I'd love a new blanket this winter.