Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Functional Jewellry

I can't take credit for the idea of this little pin cushion, I saw it here, but isn't it cute?

Not the easiest thing to sew, well the hand sewing bit, not my strong point, but I can see me making lots more.
I can see me using them too, just what I need when I'm at the machine pulling pins out,
or simply pinning things together.
Quite comfortable to wear and fits on quite a few fingers.
This one might be finding a new home, but they take such a small amount of material (but such a large amount of stuffing for something so small) that I can see lots more being made. (yeah, ok, I want to see lots more being made but I have a squillion things I'd like to make so maybe I'll save these for when I need some hand sewing to take with me)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coconut Ice - Cerise flavoured!

When I saw this little skirt pattern on Ravelry I couldn't wait until it was released, so much so that I was the first person to buy one! It's creator is a local designer which made it all the more enticing too.
Little Miss 6 loves skirts.
She did have concerns that it would be see through and everyone would see her undies, so I made sure the top part was firm - actually I got gauge using a 4.0mm hook and worsted weight yarn, I must crochet loosely.
But then I wanted to have it a bit swirly and twirly at the bottom. I knew it would never be too twirly, but Little Miss loves twirly so I thought I'd see what I could do to help the 'yes I'll wear it' factor.
I increased hook size to 4.5mm and then finally 5.0mm for the last couple of rows and hem.
You can't really tell, but it does have slight flaring to the shape when flat.
Little Miss wanted stripes and pink and all sorts of things in the skirt but I didn't have pink in this cotton (Yarn Bee from Spotlight that I got on special for about $1 a ball), I had this cerise and a pale aqua that seemed to go nicely together. (The cerise is cotton/acrylic and a joy to use, the aqua is cotton/soy and not a joy to use.)
It fits her really well.
That's a model pose, in case you couldn't work it out.
And she likes the non-scratchy softness of the cotton/acrylic.
I want to make a skirt for me, I love it.
I have just made a little top to go with it, will post some photos once I've sewed the ends in and got her to pose again.
She wants to wear the whole outfit to her Uncle's wedding, which I think is lovely as often when I make things for her she doesn't want to put them on even though she's loved them while I'm making them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Testing, testing

I have been in a pattern testing group on Ravelry for a while now.
I am normally too slow to get involved in the projects I'd like to test, but not this time.
When the pattern for this cute little clutch was put up I was the first to say yes... I was pretty sure I could find the 5 hours it said it needed to complete (I think it took me about 3 hours).
Fold Me Clutch - link to my Ravelry page.
It's a little smaller than the original specs - my gauge was a little smaller, but I needed the fabric to be tight.
I love the stitch in it.
The button catch feeds through a loop on the other side of the bag....
...and folds over to close
It's cute.
I think I'd use it more as a storage bag inside my project bag or handbag than just on it's own, but it was a useful experience to test someone else's pattern.

Yarn details - Sullivans Coton-A 33gms
Hook - 4.0mm
Extra - button

Friday, September 3, 2010

Indigo Luxury

My latest swap on Ravelry has been all about luxury. Indigo luxury.
Indigo is a very hard colour to define. Is it dark blue - like a midnight sky? or is it more purple?
I like my indigo on the dark blue, denim side of indigo.

I spent a long time agonising over what was going into my parcel (photos and details coming) that I forgot I was getting a parcel.

So to me this wonderful parcel arrived out of the blue :o) from the lovely Sooz.

This gorgeous project bag has lots of detail that's hard to see in the photo - you might be able to see the stitching on the front in the shape of circles.
The material is denim... which I think is the essence of indigo.
She's teamed it with my favourite cherry red colour and it's perfect. I can't imagine two colours that go together better.
It's already in use and is proving to be an excellent shape too.
Sooz hand dyed me some 50%wool/50% silk 4ply so that I can make a South Bay Shawlette (Rav Link).
She also included a 5.0mm Clover Soft Touch hook so that I can start with out having to dismantle another project.
And the buttons? well the dark blue ones are glass buttons from her Grandmother's stash. Very nice. The other ones are nice chunky buttons as well. I love collecting buttons so these might sit on display for a while before they get used.

Thanks Sooz, I really enjoyed my parcel it was a real spoil.


It's taken a while to get my square mojo back. Even now, although I want to do them, I have so many other projects that I want to start they just keep getting pushed to the background. It's the squares fault really.... by doing these squares my pattern reading has improved out of sight. I'm tackling bigger and harder projects and enjoying it so the squares have really been worth it. If you are starting out in crochet, or want to improve your skills I can really recommend joining a block a month club, or even hunting out your own to build into a blanket. Here are some I've managed to finish and photograph. I like this square, it's inspired by a square I saw somewhere but can't remember where now. I think it would expand into a nice little blanket all by itself. Sun Daze - Ravelry Link Wandith - Ravelry Link More v's please - Ravelry Link
This one was a pattern from one of the girls in the Crochet Lovers Victoria group.

Lacy Sun - Ravelry Link
(I think I like this one the least it just doesn't seem to go with my other squares.)