Friday, September 3, 2010

Indigo Luxury

My latest swap on Ravelry has been all about luxury. Indigo luxury.
Indigo is a very hard colour to define. Is it dark blue - like a midnight sky? or is it more purple?
I like my indigo on the dark blue, denim side of indigo.

I spent a long time agonising over what was going into my parcel (photos and details coming) that I forgot I was getting a parcel.

So to me this wonderful parcel arrived out of the blue :o) from the lovely Sooz.

This gorgeous project bag has lots of detail that's hard to see in the photo - you might be able to see the stitching on the front in the shape of circles.
The material is denim... which I think is the essence of indigo.
She's teamed it with my favourite cherry red colour and it's perfect. I can't imagine two colours that go together better.
It's already in use and is proving to be an excellent shape too.
Sooz hand dyed me some 50%wool/50% silk 4ply so that I can make a South Bay Shawlette (Rav Link).
She also included a 5.0mm Clover Soft Touch hook so that I can start with out having to dismantle another project.
And the buttons? well the dark blue ones are glass buttons from her Grandmother's stash. Very nice. The other ones are nice chunky buttons as well. I love collecting buttons so these might sit on display for a while before they get used.

Thanks Sooz, I really enjoyed my parcel it was a real spoil.

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