Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coconut Ice - Cerise flavoured!

When I saw this little skirt pattern on Ravelry I couldn't wait until it was released, so much so that I was the first person to buy one! It's creator is a local designer which made it all the more enticing too.
Little Miss 6 loves skirts.
She did have concerns that it would be see through and everyone would see her undies, so I made sure the top part was firm - actually I got gauge using a 4.0mm hook and worsted weight yarn, I must crochet loosely.
But then I wanted to have it a bit swirly and twirly at the bottom. I knew it would never be too twirly, but Little Miss loves twirly so I thought I'd see what I could do to help the 'yes I'll wear it' factor.
I increased hook size to 4.5mm and then finally 5.0mm for the last couple of rows and hem.
You can't really tell, but it does have slight flaring to the shape when flat.
Little Miss wanted stripes and pink and all sorts of things in the skirt but I didn't have pink in this cotton (Yarn Bee from Spotlight that I got on special for about $1 a ball), I had this cerise and a pale aqua that seemed to go nicely together. (The cerise is cotton/acrylic and a joy to use, the aqua is cotton/soy and not a joy to use.)
It fits her really well.
That's a model pose, in case you couldn't work it out.
And she likes the non-scratchy softness of the cotton/acrylic.
I want to make a skirt for me, I love it.
I have just made a little top to go with it, will post some photos once I've sewed the ends in and got her to pose again.
She wants to wear the whole outfit to her Uncle's wedding, which I think is lovely as often when I make things for her she doesn't want to put them on even though she's loved them while I'm making them.

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