Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My version of a Chevron Lace cardigan

In my quest to make 11 wearable garments (with at least 60% of them for me) in 2011 I decided to embark on the chevron cardigan.

I wasn't too keen on the neck opening with the big gap across the stomach (the bit of me I normally like to hide) so I decided I'd make some modifications.

My first attempt involved making a smaller neckline but increasing down the front part.

I ended up undoing this attempt as I didn't like the shape on me and the armholes were too low.

Even though I added to the middle of the cardigan it still didn't sit right or join across the middle so I undid it (yep, even though I had pretty much finished it).
I didn't mind the back shaping though.

On my next attempt I used the correct neck instructions but kept extending in the pattern to end up with a v-neck shape.
I used a smaller hook to shape it in the middle and I also made the armpits higher and finished it higher on me.
I am happy with the results.

(Thanks to my three year old for the above photos)

I have some buttons - just have to put them on. It hasn't stopped me from wearing it though!

Details of project on my Ravelry page.

Same same but different

Kata in different colours.

I had to add another round of pink to get it up to 12".
Sent to a friend to cheer her up.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Washer Swap

I've been organising some cheaper swaps for 2011.
The first one was a cloth and soap swap.

This lovely red cloth and summery coloured tawashi were what I received! (I almost like the red one too much to use.)

I made this one for my partner but wasn't sure about it so didn't send it. It's made out of washed haze and is nice and thick.
I also made this one and was happy with this one so sent it with some Beechworth Honey soap.

Birthday in return

The package of goodies for my birthday!
The cloths and scrubbies have gone into rotation and I think I'll make a beret with the yarn.

Bag for a Birthday

This year the birthday swap was run a little differently.
One partner whose birthday is close to yours. This should help with the loss of enthusiasm that seems to happen once people have had their birthdays but have to keep supplying presents.

My partner has a baby and wanted a bag that she could use as a project bag/cart daughters stuff around in bag.

Last Christmas Mum gave me a pattern for this multi tasking tote bag. I decided it would probably work well for my partner.

What I didn't realise is that it eats material and is constructed in a slightly obscure way.

I didn't really enjoy making this bag. Not sure I'd make another, maybe I'd use the principle to make something like it.
My partner loves purple and wanted bright vibrant jewel tones.
This was as close as I could get!
I did dye a skein of silk as well but it had a lot of light purple in it and my partner isn't fussed on light purple.
As I already had swap anxiety with the bag I got her a skein of Malabrigo worsted.

That's birthday swapping done for the year.