Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kenny the Koala Kake

It was Master 4's birthday in July, but I'm pretty sure I haven't posted the pictures of his birthday cake.
Master 4 is very very keen on koalas.  So keen he has a bucket full of koala toys. 
He refers to all his koalas as "Kenny".  (He has one he decided was a girl and called "Kiki" but the rest are Kenny 1, Kenny 2, Kenny 3, Kenny 4 etc - you get the picture, we're up near Kenny 21 at the moment I think)
For his 4th birthday, after changing his mind several times, he asked for a Kenny cake. (I was anticipating a James-from-Thomas-the-tank-engine cake.)

The first stop for Kenny the Kake was the Woman's Weekly Cookbook.
The colour fur was hard to get and he ended up a light brownish colour.
I also had to make do with the cake tins I had, so he has nice big ears.
The leaves on the tree are mint leaves but they are now permanently referred to as 'gum leaves' in our house.
Large portions of the cake got frozen for later, but it's all eaten now and Master 4 assures me that it was the yummiest cake he's ever had.

He has very happy memories about this cake and every time he sees pictures he decides he's having another one for his next birthday.
(It will certainly be easier than the Transformer that he might want.)