Thursday, December 9, 2010

Less time at the computer = more time sewing!

I have actually been doing a lot of sewing lately. And by a lot anything more than the nothing I had been doing seems like a lot.

I found some patterns in a second hand store and have been giving them a whirl.
The good thing about this is that they cost next to nothing (one even cost 10cents and had the best twirly skirt in it) and often the pieces are already cut out (I hate that job). They are patterns from the 70's and 80's but the shape is still good and I was happy to give them a whirl.

Getting photos of the made objects has been hard.
I decided this day to get one subject in his natural habitat - on Sodor Island**
These weren't supposed to be Christmas pants as such, but they work well for this time of year.

The first pair I made in this pattern were a size 6 and they comfortably fit his older sister and she's wearing size 7. (I made a size 6 because I thought a little growing room wouldn't matter.)
Little Mister still wears them (he picked the material for those, they have dog paws and dog bones all over them) they just look nice and spacious.

I love this pattern because it has front pockets and they are easy to do.
I'm not so fond of the attached waistband but it's what you have to do because of the pockets.

I might tailor the pattern to give it a different leg shape so they aren't quite so baggy, but this pattern will stay in the repertoire for quite a while I think.
I have also made some circle skirts for DD but haven't photographed them.
I turned one circle skirt pattern into a wrap around skirt and it looks really nice so I thought I'd give the wrap around skirt in one of the patterns a whirl.

This is cut to a size 7.
(This is also the day before her front tooth fell out so she is sucking it back in her mouth to look like she's got a gap.)
I love the material. It's drill and when I grabbed it I didn't realise the little red spots on it made hearts. DD likes hearts so it worked out well.

Cheeky little monkeys aren't they?
DD has voiced clearly that she doesn't want me to make her any more shorts unless they are soft (ie tshirt material) and tiny. hrmph. She has said I can make dresses and skirts though - thank you Your Highness.

She does get a little bit jealous of DS's shorts though.

Definitely more sewing going to happen this summer, especially for DD. Have you noticed that when girls clothes get to size 7/8 they automatically become more trashy? What happened to the sweet girls clothes? I am combating the chain stores by making age appropriate clothing this year - which just means Spotlight will get my money and not Target. :o)

** Sodor Island is where Thomas the Tank Engine and friends live.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Birthday Swap

This is my last birthday swap for the year.
I made this little bag and I love the material in it - lucky I made a similar one for me then. :o)

I put a bit of fancy work on the pocket. I haven't done that before and I like that it made the pocket stand out.

and I filled it up with goodies.A little notebook and needle gauge, some white yarn (100% silk I think) and a dyeing kit.
There might have been something else... I can't quite remember.

I hope she liked it.