Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting the year with some squares

While down at Mum and Dad's for Christmas I decided I'd pick up my white blanket again (by the time I finish I'll have to call it The Decade Blanket) and do a few more squares.

Circle Flower - a pattern I designed after starting another pattern that just didn't work for me.
 Popcorn flower - another one I made up
 Kata Also one of mine, finally got around to making a version for this blanket
 Poinsettia - another original pattern
 On the road again - another pattern I made up
 Not sure what this one is
 hmmm, another mystery one

I have documented the patterns I made up in a little more detail than I usually do so they are on my very large 'to do' list to get them written out and tested.
Crafting is taking a back seat to University work for a while, so maybe towards the end of the year.