Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bos visits

The travelling tea box arrived this morning, just before we had to leave for swimming lessons.
(School holidays this week so we had Miss Seven along for swimming today.)

Master Three was terribly grumpy this morning. He didn't want to go to swimming - he first mentioned this at 6am and then every five minutes after that until we were in the car heading off. It took a bit of bribery I must admit.
Then I gave him Rooibos - the tea box's travelling security system and all of a sudden he came out of his bad mood.

Here is Rooi guarding Miss (just turned) 7, who is busy playing on the ipod while waiting for the lesson to start.
Rooi was glad it wasn't him swimming.
This was his preferred position.
But he did watch, and Master 3 did really really well today, with Rooi and his big sister watching (ok it was mainly his big sister, he wanted to impress her) but he managed to swim under water by himself for the first time today.
Rooi discovered that Miss 7 is quite a live wire and a bit of a party animal. He knew he'd have to keep an eye on her.
Told you...
Master 3 has a set routine after swimming - a vanilla milkshake + hot cinnamon donut, then a look in all of the two dollar stores in the shopping centre and to top it off going through all the toys in the smallish Target.

So here we are having morning tea.
Rooi with his hand in the donut bag.

The kids love Rooi....
.......Master 3 decided he had a cranky face and must need lots of cuddles. He carried him everywhere in the shops and cuddled him at every opportunity.

Making sure Rooi got some donut.
It's Easter Egg time of the year and up to now Miss 7 hasn't had a chance to look at the eggs in the shops so her eyes popped out today.
She is pretty disappointed that most easter eggs are brown chocolate as she doesn't eat it.
And then onto Target where Master 3 showed The Bos the Toy Story Toys and explained to him that the store had run out of the big Buz Lightyear he wants for his birthday.
He doesn't seem to be phased to be round so many famous toys.
Master 3 explaining that this Buzz isn't quite so good because he says his laser will get you but his laser doesn't actually work.
And then onto the Thomas the Tank Engine section.
Master 3 found some carriages he didn't have and he and Rooi raced off to the scanner to check the price, then they both tried to talk me into buying it, as it was on special. It did get left behind though.
Master 3 explaining it all to the Bos.
Miss 7's turn.
She found some dancing chickens.
Sorry Rooi.
She then gave him a ride on a giant dog toy.
And got him up close and personal with one of the dolls. A bit young for him, but he was humouring Miss 7.
And finally Master 3 called out that he had to show Rooi Chuggington as well.
Rooi was totally exhausted after all this and begged to be put into the bag while we did the groceries. The kids were waaay too much party for him and he slept through the afternoon getting ready for a big day tomorrow.