Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My version of a Chevron Lace cardigan

In my quest to make 11 wearable garments (with at least 60% of them for me) in 2011 I decided to embark on the chevron cardigan.

I wasn't too keen on the neck opening with the big gap across the stomach (the bit of me I normally like to hide) so I decided I'd make some modifications.

My first attempt involved making a smaller neckline but increasing down the front part.

I ended up undoing this attempt as I didn't like the shape on me and the armholes were too low.

Even though I added to the middle of the cardigan it still didn't sit right or join across the middle so I undid it (yep, even though I had pretty much finished it).
I didn't mind the back shaping though.

On my next attempt I used the correct neck instructions but kept extending in the pattern to end up with a v-neck shape.
I used a smaller hook to shape it in the middle and I also made the armpits higher and finished it higher on me.
I am happy with the results.

(Thanks to my three year old for the above photos)

I have some buttons - just have to put them on. It hasn't stopped me from wearing it though!

Details of project on my Ravelry page.

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needlekrafter said...

that's very pretty! you did a beautiful job on it.