Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Functional Jewellry

I can't take credit for the idea of this little pin cushion, I saw it here, but isn't it cute?

Not the easiest thing to sew, well the hand sewing bit, not my strong point, but I can see me making lots more.
I can see me using them too, just what I need when I'm at the machine pulling pins out,
or simply pinning things together.
Quite comfortable to wear and fits on quite a few fingers.
This one might be finding a new home, but they take such a small amount of material (but such a large amount of stuffing for something so small) that I can see lots more being made. (yeah, ok, I want to see lots more being made but I have a squillion things I'd like to make so maybe I'll save these for when I need some hand sewing to take with me)


RL Healthcare Advisors said...

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