Thursday, October 14, 2010

A plethora of squares

While we were away in Phuket for (the older of) my younger brother's wedding I managed to get a lot of crochet done.

A fair bit was done while sitting with the kids in 'Kids Club' - I know you should be able to leave your kids there and we did leave Little Miss 6, but Master 3 wanted to be there too so I had to hang around (didn't they know LM6 would look after him?).

These are all Ravelry links
Fisherman's Ring
Cat's Claw
Dream Catcher
suggestion square
Spring Breeze
Winter Dream
Velvet and Lace
Arches Square
Nordic Star
Flower Burst

Patong Flower - a pattern I wrote at the end of our trip while we were staying at Patong Beach, I am working on a 6", 10" and 12" pattern for this one. I have changed the edging but looking at this photo I might change it back.
I have enjoyed doing these squares.
I have also put a row round most the others so that they're all the same size, about 8".
Most of these squares took me a few hours to do and none of them were incredibly difficult.

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sdlb said...

I THO'T my last comment posted! Thank YOU so Very Much for the squares! I am a potholder person. These will make nice potholders! Sheri *¿*