Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going Green

Another swap, another colour.
It seems to have taken me forever to get this one together. It goes out this week and I'm still not sure I'm ready.
I was thrown by the yarn this time. Couldn't find what I wanted and I searched and searched. I searched so long I nearly was too late ordering something. (It arrived the other day, from the US, thankfully.)

Anyway, let me show you some of what I've got so far.

I finished this bag the other day and I think it's gorgeous.
The outside is a lovely textured canvas - awful to sew, but I like the texture in it.
I drafted a bag that has a closing handle, but is also gusseted.
It's the inside that I really love.
It's like opening the bag up to a little secret garden, complete with bird life.
It has a row of pockets on one side. Apart from that it's a simple bag, that actually holds quite a bit if you want it to.
I have some hand painted 100% Superwash wool to send too.
It looks a little yellow here but it's actually a bright yellowy green.

I have this one too. You can see it's more blue in tone than the above one, but it's nice.
My partner likes bright colours and not pale green, this can be pale in areas so I might keep this one. (I have a couple more somewhere just couldn't find them at the time. I have to hide them from the kids or we end up with a spiderweb of yarn all over the living room.)
I ordered some Malabrigo lace from the US too. It's lovely and soft and very fine.
My partner had commented that she'd like to try some. I think I might like to try some too!
(On a side note, I ordered some silky Malabrigo DK to make me a nice something to take on our next overseas trip. Can't wait to start knitting that.)

I'm adding some Kool-Aid too... for dyeing purposes. (It's not how I got my green but worth a try.)
I have a few other things to add... some stationery, some stitch markers (that I still have to make), a trade mark donut pincushion with green top and green sugar on top and maybe a few other little things.

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I think that bag is just gorgeous