Monday, June 22, 2009

Just for me

I really want to knit something just for me. Something to show off.
Ok, so I've got a green lacy scarf on a set of needles somewhere, but that was really to practise some lace (having not done it before) and to give some of my dyed wool a test run.
I had a cardigan in mind but I really want help measuring myself up for it and then adjusting the pattern. I also need to know I have enough wool to finish it before I start, otherwise I'll get something else.

So.. what should I do? Well I've been looking at Ishbel for a while. It seems to be the current trendy thing to knit, and I figured I might be able to get it done to wear to the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Day.

What to make it in? Well I've dyed some red and some blue yarn, but as I was going through my stash to hunt down something for DD I found some yarn I bought in NY.
It's a cashmere/silk mix and I'm hoping it washes up a lot softer than it currently is!

I love the red colour in it.. not too fussed on the red/green mix, but beggars can't be choosers and I think it wasn't priced too badly.
There is definitely enough in it to make the small size Ishbel and if I'm smart enough I may be able to make it a little bigger, but not the big size.This is it caked and sitting on my bench.
It sort of has a Christmas feel when I look at it here, but in real life it feels very rich in colour, and caked is very red dominant.
I cast on last night. The first part seems pretty easy, I'm enjoying it ,let's see how I go with the rest.
Will post project photos soon.

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