Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A loose thread

This project started because I had some yellow wool (from a swap) that I wanted to use.
I dropped into our local charity shop and managed to score some red, green and blue with the intention of creating the little Mister a vest.
(At 2 you can wear primary colours and look happy and full of energy - while I'd love to make myself something in these colours I'm not sure it would have the same effect if I wore it.)

I didn't start with a pattern (lesson number one, a pattern helps) and so just started with measurements and what was in my head.

I had it about 90% finished and decided I didn't like the armholes so I pulled it back to 50% and started again.

I did find a pattern and based my arm holes around that (loosely around it, the gauge wasn't the same nor the stitch count or the size I wanted etc etc) and got working (lesson number two, patterns should be modified if your children don't fit conventional sizing!).

So now I've finished all bar sewing in the end threads... and there are plenty of those.
It looks a little odd in its shape, I was worried it wouldn't fit, but the neck and armholes fit perfectly and it comes down nice and long like I wanted.
It fits 5yo little Miss as well, but the arms and neck are a bit tighter. She's happy to share it though.
Now that I have the basis for a pattern I like I'm going to make her one of her own.
We'll see whether she chooses rainbow too, or pink and purple.

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