Monday, June 22, 2009


I re skeined the ball I was sending in my green swap - skeins just seem to show the colours nicer.

I added my own label.
This is probably a truer colour.
It was more bright green and darker green than yellow and green.
It looks nice all skeined up. I hope it knits up nicely too - I am knitting a similar yarn and enjoying it, it seems to work well for lace, but I hope it doesn't pool too much. I really try to avoid pooling by using colours all in the same tones, this yarn has quite vibrant changes so there will have to be some pooling, but once knitted it will hopefully work well.

Oh, I also sold one of the skeins I dyed (the other green one here with more blue toning) to one of the ladies in my Guild knitting group. She's a new knitter and has no stash! Just one big (and I mean HUGE) pink ball of yarn. I passed on a simple lace scarf pattern that I'm working on too - it will be interesting to see what she comes up with. (It may be nothing until one of us can rewind the ball for her!)

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