Monday, June 29, 2009

A matching hat

Being that it's cold down at The Farm and we're due to head down in a week and a half, in the middle of winter, I thought I'd better make some hats.

Here is the first.
It's a matching for the stripey vest.
Unfortunately he won't wear it. It's more fun to pull your hat off than leave it on.
Maybe when his ears are so cold they're about to freeze and fall of he might like it a bit more.

His sister likes it so I asked her to model it.
She told me that she was sick of smiling and so would look like this.
I suddenly flashed forward to her teenage years. *shudder*

And here she is trying hard not to smile and seeing as her face is a naturally smiley one it is much more effort to pull a bored face.
The only way I've found to keep her quiet.

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