Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't cover Thomas!

The vest is washed, blocked and dried - despite the rainy weather we've had here lately.
This is the second wearing. The first time I dared put it on over a Thomas the Tank Engine top, and despite the fact he loves that it has all the engine colours in it, he doesn't like it covering Thomas - he walked around holding his vest up so everyone could see Thomas. (Like we didn't know Thomas was there.)
It suits his happy, cheeky personality.

And now when he takes off he looks like a bright streak of colour.
Lots of people have commented on the top - apparently it's a big hit, which is good as I thought it might be a bit gaudy.
It's just right for a very cheeky, nearly two year old.
I have to knit another one, *exactly* the same.... for his big sister as she loves it too,
and can squeeze into his, but the arm holes are a bit tight.
The next one should definitely be quicker to knit.... when I work up the enthusiasm.

[Photos taken at Playgroup today.]

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