Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mother's Day Project Bag.

I can finally post these photos.
I actually got this bag finished a week ago, well actually just before Mother's Day, but I wasn't seeing Mum until yesterday so I kept the photos till then.

Mum really liked the green/white/black bag and I did try to get that material again, but they were out when I went and I couldn't wait and see if they got any more in, I just had to use what I could get hold of.

I chose material that had black and grey leaves and sticks on it, with orange oranges (!!!) as highlights.
As a giant piece of material it's really nice. As a bag, well I guess it's personal choice.


Side.Inside... I sewed a tape measure into the pocket and attached a needle gauge.
I tried to add a few other pockets as well.
It clips closed across the middle.
And definitely looks better the fuller it is.

It holds a lot. Which is good.
The handles are short, this shape doesn't seem to suit long handles.
The handles are black webbing.

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