Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't count them before they're hatched

I don't know what it is with chickens. It seems to be the year of the chicken here.
I am in a pin cushion swap on Ravelry.
Not really knowing what I'd do I had this thought - what if I felted something and turned it into a cat. Well my person didn't want a cat (I'm still going to make one to see if it can be done) but she does like chickens.

Ok I'm up for the challenge.
I decided if I made a rectangular piece of felt I could make a chicken in a pyramid shape - similar to how you make a pyramid purse.

So away I go. White feltable wool and some needles later I knitted up the piece in one night. Sat it in some vinegar and water and dyed it with food colouring the next day.
That all went well.

I sewed it up (and stuffed it) and wondered if it was actually going to work.
So I ploughed ahead. Everyone kept saying it looked like a chicken, but if only they could have seen their own faces when they said it, they would have known that I could see they thought otherwise (there's logic in there somewhere).

Anyone I finished sewing on a few bits and pieces last night and here she is....My pin happy chicken.
What do you think?
I'm not sure my partner will like her, or that it's up to swap standard.
Or maybe I've decided she's just too good to swap. The pins can go right in and don't push through the other side, and she's kind of quirky. I like that.
She's not completely flat bottomed, but that's all right, she's not really chicken shape either I guess.
I'm still undecided.

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