Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Thomas Bag

Walking through Spotlight one day I spotted this Thomas the Tank Engine material in the curtain department and it was on special! Considering it was one quarter the price of the dress fabric I really couldn't resist.

I'd planned to make Jamie a bag right from the start... but wish I'd bought more to make a doona cover and curtains, ok, a lot lot more.
I fussy cut the pieces and got this nice big Thomas on one side.
And this Thomas on the other.

I interfaced it with Vilene fusible wadding for a little bit of structure. And it closes with a small magnet, which is easier for small hands.
It has a small pocket on the inside, but that doesn't get much use!
It took me a morning to whip up (Mother's Day morning - it was my trade off for having to get up at 6am, the kids were kept busy for a few hours while I sat at the machine) after I'd cut everything out.
It still needs the bottom closed up properly, I haven't decided whether I want stiffen the bottom or not, but he seems very happy with it and the trains are travelling well.

I've got a few more lined up - my daughter wants one (not Thomas, just a bag) for her DS.

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