Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 100 scarf

This scarf is so named because I've started it 100 times (or there abouts).
I took it to the US (with very long pencils so I could knit on the plane if need be) and undid it about 4 times in the car.
I mostly undid it because it was sizing up wrong. I only have one ball and first I cast on so many stitches it was just going to be a square. Finally when I did get it all right I dropped the stitches (which you are supposed to do) a little way through to see what it would look like, but mustn't have 'yarned over' again properly so when I dropped the stitches again later one side of it fell to pieces!

This time I'm holding off dropping until it's done.
I got the wool in a 'lucky dip' we had at the NE Victoria Ravelry day in January. It was dyed by the lovely Deb.
It has come out *very* orange.
Not me, but I might be able to find a home for it.. maybe.
It's not going to be a very long scarf and might end its life as something different... we'll see.

I'll be glad to finish it, even if it sits in the cupboard - how could something so simple be so hard???

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