Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sewing oragami

Mum calls them Shirishimi bags (and I'm assuming that's how she spells it). She learnt from someone in the Victorian Hand weavers and Spinners Guild. So the pattern is definitely not mine.
I got her to teach me to make them when she was last visiting. I had to write it down step by step with my little diagrams.

So here it is, the square folded into 9ths (I think) or there abouts.
It opens up into a big flat square... and by big, I mean biiiiiiig. :o) Must remember to make the next one a little smaller.
This is what it looks like flat once you pull the corners out.
It has no handles, the two points tie together at the top.
That is a pack of 4 balls of wool, dwarfed completely by this bag.
Here it is tied together.
It's full of an entire project... in fact all the wool for the vest that was in the previous post and it could still carry more.
It's actually a soft silvery grey in real life. Very subtle.

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