Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's on my needles?

My son doesn't like wearing things below his elbows and knees and is not too keen on things that zip up (yes the terrible twos have come early here) so I pulled out the wool I'd planned to turn into a vest for him thinking now was as good a time as any.

It's Cleckheaton Country Naturals in the green colour and it's a joy to knit with. Unfortunately he was a lot smaller when I bought the wool so I didn't buy enough.
He seems to have quite a long body as well, and with the whole "get these clothes off me" attitude I want it long enough to cover the tummy he keeps uncovering.

Anyway, Mum has some of the same range in a light blue (she made him a jumper last year) so I'm going to add that to it. Just waiting to catch up with her at The Old Bus Depot markets in Canberra next weekend.

So that's on pause.
I then had the bright idea to use the lovely wool I got in the last rainbow swap (yellow) I did through Ravelry.
Of course I don't have enough of this either, but a search of our local charity shop netted me these nice colours.

I might be able to squeeze two vests out of these. I love the green in it (in fact I love all the colours, which is probably why I chose them!) but I think the blue wool (which is 4ply) and the green, might felt so I won't just be able to put this one in the washing machine. (Little boys get their tops plenty dirty.)
If I'm good I'll have a fair chunk of it done before I head to Canberra next weekend, however I've been busy making bags as well, so we'll see!

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