Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's still green

Ok, so if you're not sick of the sight of green wool you should be!
I overdyed the lot from the last photos, with some avocado dye.
There was only one skein I left untouched - which is more chartreuse than the photos are showing, but it's a dull rainy day here so my background is uninspiring and the lighting is whatever I could find.The crepe (the second and third skein from the right) took the avocado and spread it out all through itself, really not leaving much of the former colour behind.
The front skein here I did touch up, it was very yellow once it dried. I did leave quite a bit of the chartreuse colour in it, I know people who like chartreuse. :o)
The second skein is the one I didn't touch - just after the row of chartreuse if you're trying to pick it out.
The DH didn't like the really light topped skein I did so I put a bit more dye through it. It's the one on the end at the right.
A table full of a variation on a theme.

The top end.
I like some of the colours in here.
It's just a sea of green.

I will reskein most of them (one of them is being balled up and didn't make it to the photo shoot, I actually really like it, some nice dark rich greens in it) and they'll all look different again.
(I'm skeining them because I think hand dyed always looks nicer in skeins.)

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