Friday, April 24, 2009

My Bag - swapped

I am proud of this bag and I love it.
The material just works so well.

I made it for a swap on Ravelry - the bag swap that I was running.
It's my own pattern, but I do have to admit that I wouldn't have done the job as well if I hadn't cut my teeth on this pattern. Nicole does a great set of instructions and just by making one bag I was 100% more confident in my bag making.

I made my own pattern for this one.
It was square bottomed.The sides were slightly longer than the square wide.
And it closed with tabs across the middle - giving it the interesting shape.

I also added lots of pockets - knitters need lots of pockets in their bags.

My little pyramid bag inside - you can see some of the pockets.
I found this nice brown wool (I think it's wool) down at our local charity shop. A bargain.

I also put some buttons in the pyramid, added some green double pointed needles (from the same charity shop, as were the buttons) I found some groovy pencils that have ruler measurements on the side, I made some sweet green cloisonne stitch markers and there's a funky green tape measure in a tin too.

I'm not a green person, but everything just kept coming to me in green. Thankfully I think Kristen likes green.

Definitely going to make more of this shaped bag.

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Kristen said...

I LOVE green and I LOVE my bag! I have my project in there and I have decked it out with green scissors and notepad, and pen which goes with all the green accessories you added (I am so glad I have all those pockets, they are so handy!). Funny the project in there at the moment is #11 Forestry (Old Penny Cardigan) by Veronik Avery which is also in a lovely green Donegal Tweed. It really is a great project bag and I hope you make more of them:)