Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

ahh yellow.
Such a happy colour.
It's supposed to encourage intelligence.
For me it invokes feelings of happiness and sunshine. Particularly when added to some other bright colours.
Below are some sneak peaks of a yellow swap that I'm involved in on Ravelry.This swap has almost come together with out me realising.
This is a bag full of goodies for a younger member of the community.
You can't see the bucket loads of lollies that are hiding in there too. Most non-meltable.

I love this little bag. It just needs one more seam hand sewn and it's finished.
I hope she likes it, I think it's cute and funky.
Some wool... Mum spun it and it was dyed (by Maree I think) at the dyeing day down on the farm.

And some cute stitch markers that I made.
The beads cost a fortune but I just love them. I think I'll get some more for me next time I'm visiting Mum. (The stitch markers aren't quite finished I have to get hold of the wire cutters round here somewhere.)
And that's corn yarn in the background, yes, yarn made from corn. I love the soft banana-ery colour.
I'm finding it hard to part with these ones... but they were always meant to go in this swap so I'm just telling myself that they'll have a lovely home.

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