Sunday, March 1, 2009

A very fishy tale

I loved this hat from the moment I saw the pattern.
Mum had this wool lying round - she'd been making some woollen soakers for Boy Wonder, but they never got finished. So when she said she was going to get rid of it I snavelled it up with this project in mind specifically.
It's hand spun tops and it's very funky roughly 8ply - the only change to the pattern I made was the tail and I'd probably make that different for the next one as well. (Oh yeah, there'll be more there's going to be some cold winter days at soccer games that definitely need headwear.)
People looked weirdly at me when I showed them the pattern - perhaps they were wondering 'why???'. But I persisted. I just loved it, I don't know why.
Once it was finished I still loved it but people still give it funny looks.
The one thing I know though, once you put it on you can't help but be very silly.

Oh no.. the fish is eating SuperGirl....

My fish - what a big smile you have! My fish - what big teeth you have!
The hat was going to be for one of the kids, originally, probably Boy Wonder, but I love it too much to give it up.
(these photos are by the 4 year old SuperGirl. Unfortunately once she got hold of my camera, I couldn't get it back as she photographed everything in the backyard)

Got the MOTH (man of the house)'s help to make sure there were some photos of the fish at every angle.

erm, yep, that's me imitating a fish.

MOTH had a go then.

It's still mine though.
Oh and for the northern hemisphere visitors it's the end of a nice hot summer here, but we managed to wear the hat that evening, for a while at least.

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