Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Shorts

I was at the material shop (it's sort of a patchwork shop but they have so much more than patchwork material) the other day, I'm sure it was accidental that I went there as I can't remember what I went there for now, but I found the most gorgeous Christmas material.

I haven't had time in the last 2 years to make the kids Christmas clothes, and Mum has done a good job keeping the kids supplied but I felt this year I'd give it a go. I'm in a sewing kind of mood - despite the fact I can hardly get into my sewing room.

Christmas cats. I love them.
These shorts are for DS, who is 2 and I whipped them up in a couple of hours. (No pockets but I did put a tag at the back for he who dresses the children back to front.) I did a pretty good job on them, once upon a time I wouldn't have wanted anyone to look inside the shorts I made, now they are as neat inside as out. (What is happening to me? that's not my sewing style at all!)
It's a modified pattern, of course, I added body length - DS is quite long in the body, and lengthened the legs as well, it's light material and I thought being longer it would be less likely to ride up.
I haven't managed to get them on him yet to see if they fit.
The cute thing is I have similar material to make DD a skirt, but it's more pink and red. Must get sewing on the skirt.

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