Friday, December 18, 2009

Three bags full

You are going to notice by the end of this post that there are actually only 2 bags here.
I made a lovely bag for Miss5's teacher - white material with black 'line' cat drawings, lined with purple. It was softly padded and I really liked it. I was in such a rush to wrap it and to make sure it got to school that I forgot to photograph it. You would have liked it.

Anyway, while I was making that bag I decided to do two more at the same time - hey, why not, I'm working to a deadline with very little time, a zillion things to do before Christmas and I'm busy making 3 bags, not just one.

I like this first one - yes similar to the one I made for my friend's birthday, but I liked hers too ;o).
Pocket on the outside so we can tell the difference if we're together (and to see whether an outside pocket works. I could make these truly reversible using this method).

It's actually a little bigger than hers too, just to see if that size is a good one.
This one's holding another project bag with 3 and a bit skeins of wool in it (one a big ball of Opal and one a large skein of handspun).
This is also similar to another model, but a little larger. The shape is not so pleasant to photograph at this size, but it will hold a lot. It has the above bag in it.
I haven't sewed down the blue ribbon and there are buttons to go on too. Maybe over the Christmas break.
The inside fabric. Cute isn't it?

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