Friday, December 18, 2009

It really is a Christmas bag

I organised a Christmas Competition with my local knitting group.
The rules were that there really no rules, it just needed to be something Christmassy (I've got photos and I'll post those later) and yarny.

I had been collecting things for a prize - a ball of Opal, some handspun Alpaca, Mum put in some Jo Sharp tweed and I had planned to make a bag.
I should have added this to my big weekend of making bags, instead I thought I'd have plenty of time to do it (read I had three days before it was due). Well one night was unexpectedly written off with a movie night at school that went on 2 hours longer than I'd anticipated due to technical difficulties. I did sort of have something cut out - so I was one step closer and I sat up at midnight the night before (or close to midnight my eyes were too blurry to tell the time) overlocking the edges - actually to tell the truth I had 2 bags cut out and yes I was trying to do two at once.

Anyway.... I did go to bed and got up early the next morning (at the risk of waking the children) and tried to get it sewn. It did wake the children and I had to spend most of the day sneaking moments to get it finished (abandoned the second bag).

But I did - with at least a few hours to spare.
It's a very pretty pale pink and has a pale pink lining.
It was one of those fabrics that looked ho-hum on the bolt but I thought might make a nice bag, maybe, and if not would be 'swappable'. Once I started sewing it up I really really liked it.
It's a very soft, pretty bag. I might have to keep the other one (which isn't a draw string bag, I don't seem to find draw string bags that easy, but maybe I'm trying to make them too complicated) and hopefully I'll get it finished soon.
This bag has all the yarn in it - so it's nice and roomy even though I thought it might not have been.

I also like my bags with handles - not just using the draw string to lug it round, so this bag kind of resembles a bucked when open, but I think that it's functional.

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