Friday, December 18, 2009

Pudding anyone?

I feel like I've been making this thing forever, but it's actually the felting that has taken so long.

My washing machine just does not use boiling water. I have had this thing going through the wash at least 25 times. I did try some of it manually as well. In the end I resorted to painting it with watered down PVA glue.
And at the last minute yellow spots started appearing on the lid!!!!! I was going mad, I had hours to go until I needed this for my competition - ahhh! the one saving grace was that it was a 40 degree day and I stuck it out on our brick path to dry, the path had to be about 50 degrees.
Finished and pretty much dry.

The only thing I used a pattern for (and I say used very loosely as I had to change the pattern for the yarn I was using) were the leaves. The holly + berries were dyed using food colouring. The leaves are knitted the rest is crocheted.
It's a bowl and the lid is the custard.
It goes with the felted Christmas tree I made last year.


gemma said...

can't wait to see the christmas tree today.

Wyatt Dessel said...

That looks amazing. Check out my blog