Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bags full of karma

These two young ladies are in the post as we speak.
Being sent karmically (not comically) and one is a surprise. :o)

Little draw string bags - interfaced for a bit more structure, lined and with a couple of pockets inside.
The draw sting and toggle closures were the hardest bit to source and then do. I have an idea for next time I'm making one of these bags... watch this space.
I have been wondering what to do with this material, it's really pretty but just didn't seem to fit every time I tried to match it to another bag project. It suits these draw string bags perfectly.

I struggled a bit with the lining though, thankfully I had some mauve (lilac, light purple I have no idea what the shade is, it's a very pink purple and suits these bags perfectly. I'm not fond of that particular purple colour so either I bought it to match something else - and there's a big uh-oh, or I bought it as my daughter would have liked it with something). I've since gone to find more of this purple lining and can't! ahhhh!!! none of the other purples are right. Never mind, I have a few other colours up my sleeve now.
I love these cute little bags - sisters. :o) I'm going to make one for me. It's currently sitting in the pile with the other 3 cut out bags I'm going to make for myself. I guess mine will be the younger sibling. Hope there's no rivalry.

I will be making more of these cute little bags, for swap or sale (probably swap as I seem to have nothing else) and when I get a bit more time I'll share the pattern if you'd like it.


Beth said...

We always looooove patterns for when we are sewing at brain-dead hours of the night!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Penny. You ARE the barer of bad news indeed. JULY for knitting on planes! Bloody hell. I didn't pay attention after the first announcement. Instead I was just hooting for joy.

Now these little draw string bags of yours. They are beautiful. I have one similar, a commercially made piece from Japan. They make perfect knitted sock project bags for taking out of the house with you, in the event that one feels a knit coming on.

I love yours. They are beautiful.