Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday bag Mark II

Never let it be said I leave things until the last minute.... but I do. :o)
It seems like the only way I can get it done, not the most pleasant way to get it done though.

Another talented knitting friend was having a birthday.
I like making gifts for those who craft, you know they'll appreciate the work and thought (well you hope they do!) but as far as my knitting goes, I'm closer to Kermit than the Yarn Harlot.

Sewing however, well I love sewing.
And as I mature *cough cough* my sewing skills are refining.
I unpick now - instead of just going back and forth till I get it right.
I measure twice and cut once and I try to be quite careful about what I do and how I make it.
(I have to admit though, I have outgrown my "simple" sewing machine and often get cranky at it as it doesn't always sew straight. I'm not just blaming the machine for something that might be my fault, I actually think the feed dogs pull strangely every six or so stitches. Just can't decide which new sewing machine to save up for.)
I modified this pattern (once again) to give a wider gusset and I am very happy with the way this one turned out.
When I started it I wondered if it would turn out all right (and yes I know the stripes don't line up, but I did try and it was fairly late at night) - the colours and all, but in the end I love it. It feels like a summer day, sitting under a big shady tree, with cucumber sandwiches - no crusts.
I tried putting red lining (I'm a red person, my friend is a red person) but it just didn't go, wasn't quite the right colour. I am very happy with the cream lining, it seems red isn't the answer to everything - who knew.
I did manage to cut another one for me (I'm learning) just need to find the time to sit down and sew it.

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