Sunday, November 8, 2009

Neck warmer

I've finished one item on my must-get-finished list.
It's hard to get the colours right.
The blue is actually quite a dark petrol type blue and the red buttons are very cherry red, when I looked at the photographs I instantly thought 'erk, that looks awful' but in real life it looks quite nice and the red and blue compliment each other.
It's crocheted. If I'd read the pattern properly it would have been done length wise, but me being me I just went at it and did it width wise, so doesn't really follow the pattern at all. It does use the same stitch though.
This just means I'm going to have to make another one the proper way I guess.
This neck-warmer is off to quite a cool climate and will be under a swap partner's Christmas tree on Dec 25. I hope it suits her and that she likes it.

Yarn: Moda Vera Tucano (Wool/Bamboo)
Colour: Blue
Hook: 5.5mm
Buttons: 2 large.

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