Monday, February 6, 2012

Sticky Gee's

For Christmas 2011 we made lots of biscuits.  
I tried out a new recipe from Bakerella - basically it was this recipe before we tinkered with it.
And tinkering we did.  

 My dear daughter doesn't eat brown chocolate (and neither should I but she doesn't like it and I suspect it would do to her what it does to me) so we put in white chocolate and marshmallows.

 The problem (as I saw it) was that we put in too many marshmallows and they came out gooey and sticky.  With the white chocolate they also came out super super sweet, but dear daughter loved them.

So in her honour they were named 'Sticky Gee's'.

We made up other jars of cookie recipe to give to friends and I even made her another jar of cookie recipe full of dried fruit and nuts which she calls 'Breakfast Bar Cookies'.

It's a very easy recipe and although I've had to add more liquid in most of the versions I've made they've all turned out pretty yummy.  We made some for the beginning of school with dried fruit (the mix that has dried mango, craisins and dried blue berries) and white chocolate.  It would be extra nice with nuts but we can't take nuts to school.  They are yummy and seem to give DD the energy hit she needs during the day.

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