Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to keep your teapot warm

There is a tea cosy competition in Morpeth every year.
It's a great competition, free to enter and they send your tea cosy back.
Last year I made several tea cosies, but didn't end up sewing them together to get them up to Morepeth for the competition (or let's face it, just to be put on display for my tea cosy), but we did go up for a visit so you can enjoy some of the  tea cosies too.

The cosies don't have to be made of wool or knitted or crocheted - they can be sewn too.

Love the Grug one, might have to make one of those.
This one was beautiful - a warratah.

This one was the grand winner (there are categories).  I thought it was great, but my kids weren't impressed, they liked the novelty ones.
And this is what inspired the above tea cosy.

 DS loves koalas so this was his very favourite.

 Another Grug.
 I reckon this frog is unhappy because he has a teapot up his backside.

 The kids liked the penguin too.

 One of the ladies from my knitting group won a prize as well, here is her entry.

And downstairs they have a huge teapot display.... here are some to enjoy

Not quite teapots, but they'd love to be having a tea party with most of them.

Enticed by the teddies.

And the mini teapots for those that don't have room (or money) for the big ones.

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Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Woo Hoo - great photographic gallery of pictures of the Morpeth tea pot and tea cosy competition. Can't go myself so lovely to see it here. Ta.