Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doll sized skirt

 I offered to test the Mini Floreala pattern seeing as DD loves her big Floreala.
Of course the fly in this ointment is that DD and DS don't really have any dolls to test the finished product on.  Lots of teddies and soft toys, just not really anything dolly like.
Still, I figured I could find something so I gave it a go.

 I did find someone to try it on!  She is/was mine and back when she worked she had a record inside of her (that you could change) and said various things.  Records long gone and I'm not even sure if she would work now.  [And just an aside, the only clothes I have for her are a pair of pjs my Granny made!].

 She is very tall 23-24 inches, so it's quite a long skirt.
(Not my colours but DD has unique taste and along the bottom is a gold metallic thread that she loves.) 

We tried it on Ruby the Build a Bear Bunny, but it's more mu-mu like on her.
The pattern was quick and simple and would be a good way to practise before you make the big skirt.

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