Sunday, February 5, 2012

My craft room

I think I'm going to leave these photos in small format.
My craft room isn't one of those beautiful, straight out of a magazine rooms, it's in a constant state of needing to be tidied up.  I don't create neatly!
Sometimes it's in a worse state than others, especially when things just get 'shoved in'.

 This is after a bit of work.

I did eventually get it very tidy, and then I did some craft and it got messy again. 
Then I had to clear a space for my husband's 'home office' so stuff is shoved down one end, but I am trying to go through and get rid of things not just organise the clutter into piles.

I'd like to say that one day I'll have it looking picture perfect, but when it's like that I know I won't be using it (in fact I didn't craft for ages once it was clean because I just knew that would make it messy again! Catch 22)


beatrice said...

This stuff is great!
please check out my blog at
i will be visiting yours again,

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! Are you sure that you didn't sneak in and take a picture of my office?
I guess it'd be hard to tell unless we dug under the piles of treasure!
(I swear... I know where everything is!)
Creative minds are never tidy!

Rhelena said...

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