Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ishbel Mark 2

Ah Ishbel.
Well I did start one. And it was fraught with danger. The first part is a simple stockinette stitch and I was fair flying along until I thought I'd done something wrong. It all went down hill from there. (Note - don't knit with a migraine)
I undid the work I did when I had a migraine and then my brain seemed to turn to mush and I kept miscounting so kept undoing (I only figured out later that I was counting the wrong way). In the end I frogged the whole thing (knitters term for undoing everything - you take out the knitting needles and rip the yarn - rippit = frog)

I wasn't happy with the yarn colours either. So....

I had some 4ply 100% wool that I had dyed and was saving for my second Ishbel (or some other exciting project). Maybe I'd try it and see if different yarn made a difference.

Hard to get a good shot of the colour. It goes from deep red through to hot pink.
I like knitting the Ishbel in a lighter weight yarn. The edge pulls a lot more in the fingering weight.
It's coming along. I can't decide what size to knit. I'll see when I get there I guess.

Maybe the lace bit will be easier than the plain bit!This one is forming part of my knit-a-long for the Tour de France, must keep working on it.

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