Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just whipping things up

We're taking a seven hour plus trip on Saturday, down to Mum and Dad's farm in Victoria.
I found my daughter's travel pillow and she was all excited, so was my son, but he doesn't have one.
Step in one already over committed mum.
How hard could it be, I had the shape in front of me, it just needed a bit of overlocking and some seams.

Here is draft one.The neck wasn't right, and the bits at the front curled in too much so it got a bit of a work over.
It's stuffed now, and just waiting to be sewn up and used. Hope it helps him have a nice long sleep in the car.
(for the record, not too happy with the pattern I ended up with so if I want to make more I'd probably try and source a proper pattern.)

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