Sunday, July 5, 2009


I finished my hat as the first part of the Tour de France was starting.
(I'm knitting along with the race.)
The time difference makes watching too hard, quite frankly. I think I might knit while they sleep, I'm sure they'd prefer it that way.
I'm going to have to find updates other ways.
Obviously while I was pregnant I couldn't sleep, or was napping at other times and was suffering severe insomnia as I was up in the middle of the night watching it then. Right now, it's a struggle.Anyway I blocked it today too.

The cables form owls, aren't they cute?
I think I might look out for some tiny buttons though, these ones have shanks and are hard to sew on.
If I can find some four hole buttons I might give a few more owls some eyes.
I love the hat though, it's very comfy and should keep me a bit warmer down on the farm.

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