Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm a cow..... sort of

I wanted to make some pants for Little Mister Almost-Four and I found this pattern which appealed to me in its ease and simplicity.

They were easy to make - there are only two pieces, but I have to admit I have since altered the pattern, a LOT. They are very straight, that is the front and back rise are both the same length, which isn't too bad for kids but I notice on little Mister that you can often see his undies at the back.


These are the Moooooooooo pants. (no cows were harmed in the making of these pants)

The material is a drill, from Spotlight and for Little Mister about 70cms is plenty on 120cm wide material.
(oh, the pants don't have pockets either, so I added those afterwards)
This is Mister Almost-Four being a cow - in case you didn't guess.

and his model pose means putting his hands on his hips of course.

This is a cow wagging its tail.
The pocket is nice and big - big enough to hold an ipod, although I got a good grilling about why I didn't make 2 pockets so he could put Little Miss 7's ipod in too!

They're a bit light weight for winter, but hopefully, when the paddocks are full of nice green grass the cows will come out to play.

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