Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting crafty for school

School put out a call for squares to make blankets for "Wrap with Love".
I'm not a square knitter - in fact I still have three quarters of one sitting here, unfinished, so I decided I'd crochet some.
Then I decided that I needed to make enough for an entire blanket so that the crochet squares went together.

Thankfully Mum gave me a hand making some of the plain blue and green ones you can see.
It looks very green one end/blue the other but in real life it blended a little more in the middle.
Still, we got it done and only a few days late, which is ok because the deadline was extended anyway.

Next year I'm just going to volunteer to put them together - with Bendigo in the middle it was too much trying to make the 28 ten inch squares needed for one blanket.

Little Miss was very happy that we got to send a completed blanket in.

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