Friday, August 19, 2011

The Butterfly Costume

Little Miss's school has a themed dinner dance every year. This was our first year (being that she changed schools at the beginning of the year) so we weren't quite too sure what to expect.

The theme was 'Up in the Air'. So many things to choose from. We went through a great big list.
Finally we settled on a butterfly.

The wings were sewn to the back of the top and she could slip her hands out of the wrist strips if she needed to.
It was a simple costume but I didn't know what to expect.
(I do now! There were 700 girls attended the dinner dance - from both the senior and junior schools and boy did they come dressed! There were blue people from Avatar, bees, angels, electrical storms and even the cow who jumped over the moon. There were bats, fruit bats, rainbows, witches and plenty of super girls. The quality and depth of the costumes was mind blowing... so yes, Little Miss's costume was a little plain in comparison. Next year... well next year we'll be going all out, hope it's a good theme.)

Anyway - the wings. I made a pattern after hunting down some butterfly wings on the internet.
I ended up sewing two pieces of material together to make for each wing and attached them to the shirt down the back and to the shoulders. I made wrist loops so she could take her hands out if she needed them.
She also wore knee high black boots.

so, lesson learnt, don't do anything at school by halves!

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