Friday, June 17, 2011


One of the ladies in my crochet group asked me to test a pattern for her.
She's teaching it at a camp later in the year.
It's meant for beginners and she wants them to simply read the pattern to create the garment.
She gave me the yarn to use (Patons Totem, which was like creating a suit of armour).
And here is the result.

I'm not sure it's a pattern I'd get a beginner to do - it took me quite a long time and I'm a quick crocheter. It's also rather boring as the rows seem to drag on forever.
But I finished it! Yay! Which means I can move onto bigger things now.
(OK, so it needs buttons but she just wanted to see if I could get the right shape from the pattern.)
It softened up a little with some washing and conditioning, still, my kids definitely wouldn't wear it.
With a lot of beautiful simple modern patterns out there it's a bit 'old crochet' looking don't you think?

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Scoria said...

I encountered this just this moment and I had to stop and simply say, this is adorable and lovely...