Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raspberry Beret

My local knitting group encouraged us to put entries in one of the local shows.
I decided I'd use the yarn I'd received in the Valentine's Day swap to make something and I'd just bought Kristen Omdahl's book Crochet So Fine. The beret in there quite appealed.
My yarn was radically different from that used in the pattern so I did 'wing it' a fair bit.
Ravelled here.

Anyway, I didn't end up getting out to the Castle Hill Show (I actually ended up having a blood transfusion and then an iron transfusion in hospital, but that's a different story, there was also Little Miss's 7th birthday in there too) so I was quite surprised when this was given back to me at knitting.

Not quite sure it suits me, but Little Miss has sort of claimed it as hers too!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I love blogs without ads (thought there were none left!). Thank you.