Friday, May 27, 2011

A Valentine's Day Swap

I joined in the Valentine's Day swap over at Australian Swappers on Ravelry.
Red is pretty much my favourite colour, but I am not keen on maroon types of red, which is what my partner liked.

I made a needle wrap, a book mark and got some handmaiden yarn, chockies and a little notebook for her.

I didn't want to use hears on the needle wrap as I felt that might feel a bit 'wimpy' at other times of the year. I found this lovely cake material.
It was a really rich chocolate brown colour with cream cakes and cupcakes all over it. Just what we'd like to be spoiled with on Valentine's Day! I lined the inside with a deep wine red.
As per usual I should have bought enough to make one for myself. :o)

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