Friday, May 27, 2011

It's not just an Art Smock....

DD changed schools at the beginning of the year and this meant a lot of new uniforms, which normally just requires sewing on name labels, however we had to buy an art smock (not just any smock but one from the uniform cupboard from school of course).

Unfortunately the art smock she wanted, the beautiful flowery one, only came in a HUGE size and Little Miss is not huge, by a long way. So we ended up with a purple one, because we had to have one (she wasn't missing out on art class but not having a pretty smock was really pushing the boundaries) and I promised to jazz it up a bit.

I had grand plans of appliqueing on flowers, but in the end (and with one day to go until school started) I went with a strip motif. Some of the fabrics have significance to her, they're all off cuts from things I've made, but not all for her.
She was happy with the outcome, and of course, the response she got from the class and teacher.
Thankfully I think this 'size small' will last quite a few years.

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